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Beautifully Designed Metal Railings

Metal railing for domestic propertyAn astonishing addition to any home or commercial premises; railings keep your property secure and add a stylish look to any entrance.

Attached to the top of a wall or as a complete fence; our railings are perfect for a variety of applications. Every railing we design is different as there are so many different variations. They can be topped with spikes, balls and covered with a variety of design features. There is sure to be something fits in with the style and look of your home.

There are a range of options available and our engineers are professionals in crafting the very best designs for railings and making them to meet your exact specifications. Railings are perfect when accompanying a new domestic or commercial gate or even when looking at getting a new balcony installed; there are so many options available, you are assured to get the best solution.

If you are looking for beautifully designed railings for your property, give us a call today on 01795 666601 and speak to our specialists. They will go through your requirements and give you any information you need. We will even arrange a FREE, no obligation quotation.

White metal railing around domestic home

Highly secure railings

Installing railings is a great method of increasing your properties security. Either through using them as a fence or installed on a wall; they create a secure wall around your property to keep thief’s and other unwanted guests out. Railings can be topped with spikes or other variations to trap or injure anyone trying to make an entry or get away from your property.

Not only are railings highly secure by reducing a thief’s chance from being able to enter your property, they are also a very stylish addition to any home or commercial property. Creating a durable, stylish and secure wall around your property is what railings do best and our engineers are well equipped to be able to provide just that.

Metal railingPerfect for domestic and commercial properties

Our wide range of railings are perfect for both domestic and commercial properties alike. With so many design options available, there is sure to be something that fits with the décor of your property. No matter if you are a homeowner looking at getting a new balcony or wall installed or if you are a commercial business owner looking at improving the security of your property; there is a solution for you.

We offer a wide range of balcony railing that is bespoke made to your requirements. If you have a design in mind, speak to our experts and they will provide helpful, friendly advice and go through your design preferences. 

Over 30 years our team have installed railings for domestic and commercial properties throughout Ashford, Tunbridge Wells, Gravesend, London, Sittingbourne, Tonbridge, Surrey, Rochester, Margate, Minster on Sea, Chatham, Sheerness, Kent, Essex, Sussex, Aylesford, Ramsgate, Rainham, Faversham, Herne Bay, Sheppey, Whitstable and Maidstone.

We are more than happy to go through your requirements on the phone or you can get in contact with us through our enquiry form where we will get back to you as soon as possible.